T1-852 Semiautomatic Binding Machine


Suitable assemble any kind of Buttons and less quantity Button.


  • This Machine using high quality material FC-25 cast steel and high precision, less malfunction and high performance.
  • Using high precision Intermittent Splitter that provides good position, less shock and nosie for high performance machine.
  • This Machine Operation Speed that it can turn By Inverter.
  • It suitable assemble any Kind of Buttons.
  • This Machine suitable assemble two Kind of Buttons.
  • This Machine easy to operate, high efficiency and high availability.


SpecificationModel Ti-852
Gross weight 440 KGS
Net weight 350 KGS
Machine Size 1000 x 800 x 1560 MM
Packing Size 1100 x 940 x 1730 MM
Motor 1/2 HP
Output Capacity
By Inverter