TI-852 Semiautomic Binding Machine


Suitable assemble any kind of Buttons and less quantity Button.


Using high quality material - FC25 cast steel, less maifunction and high performance.
Using high precision Intermittent Splitter that provides good position, less shock and nosie for high performance machine.
This Machine Operation Speed that it can turn By Inverter.
It suitable assemble any Kind of Buttons.
This Machine suitable assemble two Kind of Buttons.
This Machine easy to operate, high efficiency and high availability.

SpecificationModel Ti-852
Gross weight 440 KGS
Net weight 350 KGS
Machine Size 1100 x 800 x 1560 MM
Packing Size 1100 x 940 x 1730 MM
Motor 1/2 HP
Output Capacity
By Inverter